April 16, 2012

What are you Waiting For....

I've been quiet for a while now, as everyone was predicting Floods of housing inventory and on going depreciation. Not wanting to add any more to the speculations, I was mostly silent on the issue. However, all the signs are there that 2012 is the bottom. New reports show lowest housing inventory since 2005, increased purchases of second homes and investment homes, while we have record low interest rates.

I didn't want to speak up before, but if you have been waiting for the bottom or waiting for your credit to improve after some failed investments (IE short sales/foreclosures), it is time to start looking again.

Unlike the early 2000's, current rental property purchases all cash flow. Even with Hard money loans and short amortization periods (think 7 year terms that still cash flow). It is time to start aquiring real estate assets again.

We handle Reo/foreclosure sales for many banks and institutions, traditional market sales, buyer representation and full service property management (www.NorthpointAM.com). Let us help you find a cash positive investment and handle all the day to day operations for you.

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